About Matthew Payne Limited

Contact: matthew@matthewpaynelimited.co.uk

Matthew Payne Limited has business transformation expertise across all of the core elements of change management; people, process, individuals and teams. Our work has successfully delivered improved processes and better engaged people enabling transformative and sustainable performance within a range of sectors including Fintec, Travel, Higher education, Central & Local Government.

Matthew Payne Limited has experience of both defining what needs to be done and how to deliver it and developing a plan that realises these pre-identified objectives.

Matthew Payne Limited has strong experience of developing ‘win-win’ partnerships for success through the deployment of a strong relationship management approach that creates and maintains trust.

Key activities:
Utilising a set of tools and techniques to identify how performance can be improved.
Enabling better understanding of performance through data analysis.
Developing partnerships for success through relationship management.

Core Skills:
Certified Lean Six Sigma black belt.
Emotional and social competency inventory accredited user
Post graduate diploma in research and evaluation within health & social services.
Completed the first short course in Service Design to be held in the UK.

An ability to deliver change initiatives through the deployment of a suite of tools and techniques.
Evidence based support and challenge to individuals and teams to enable success.
Facilitating group decision making processes to provide ownership of change initiatives.
Identity based development for leaders.

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