Leaders enabling individual learning for continuous improvement

Individual learning and the pooling of that learning is an essential element for continuous improvement.
Leaders have a vital role to play in stimulated and supporting the learning process. Learning can be seen as a process; for this process to be effective the following is required:
1) a focus to plot a course
2) environments that facilitate learning
3) techniques to enable learning to be efficient

An individual will only move through the process comfortably while the driving forces exceed the restraining forces. There is a danger of being stuck and demotivated when the forces are matched. Leaders must attend to the learning process to ensure that the driving forces maintain the upper hand.

The role of leadership in creating a learning environment:

1) Developing and delivering a shared vision of what is expected to raise awareness of the journey
2) Consistent questioning to alert to ignorance; to raise a sense of conscious incompetence that stimulates individual’s learning
3) Developing shared vision of why; the benefits of, learning to promote understanding.
4) Removing barriers, develop ownership, enable and allow risk taking for commitment and enactment.
Throughout, host quality coaching conversations in the workspace to stimulate and support.

(Stimulus for this piece was Bill Buckler ‘A learning process model to achieve continuous improvement and innovation’)

By Matthew Payne

Working to make the most of the resources available to others to enable them to be more successful. Using facilitative leadership and process management to get things done, and really make a difference! Engaging with individuals and teams in both the public and private sectors.

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