Creating the new normal: 1

Creating the new normal
2 concepts that I discovered today:
1: Francesca Gino @francescagino writes “Break-Transform-Create”
2: Barry O’ Reilly writes ” Stopping activities, saying no, and shutting down is NOT the way to succeed in an uncertain environment. It’s the way to struggle, stagnate, and fall even further behind the tide of change” thanks

The current lockdown has truly broken the old normal but both these concepts challenge the reaction of putting on the brakes and waiting for it all to blow over; instead it should be viewed as an opportunity to transform and create.
To transform ourselves and to create a new normal.
We should review both ourselves and our businesses and take time to understand where the weaknesses lie that have been exposed by the current situation; how resilient are we, how resilient is our business?

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By Matthew Payne

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