Leadership coaching through white water turbulence @ Staff college “Blue sky thinking’ festival

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Tue, 9 February 2021

10:00 – 11:30 GMT

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Rethinking Organisational Resilience

The organisation that you lead has a purpose; a deep-felt ambition for the communities you serve. These current times are providing challenges to your ability to deliver to your purpose; you may feel constantly ‘knocked off course’. 

By rethinking, building and maintaining organisational resilience you will be able to move beyond solely responding (bouncing with) and recovering (bouncing back) and instead use the turbulence as a catalyst to thrive in this ‘white water’ world and beyond. (bouncing  forward)

Resilient organisations:

  • Have the capacity to thrive whilst taking on stressors. 
  • Are ‘anti-fragile’ and take opportunities for ‘post traumatic growth’. 
  • Have the capability for continuous, conscious reconstruction with the necessary attentiveness to the human factors.

Leaders in resilient organisations need to be relentlessly vigilant, both of the internal and external environment. Relentless vigilance facilitates being better able to ‘see’. To ‘see’ for understanding, more and faster, and to ‘see’ beyond what is currently known or known for certain. 

This ‘seeing’ should form part of the organisation’s core operational processes. It is having the capacity and capability to respond to what is seen; to ‘do’, to take action. 

It is the development and maintenance of the dynamic capabilities that allow the reorganisation of resources to best meet a challenge or realise an opportunity.

Join us for this workshop to explore elements of resilience and the relationships between individual, team and organisational factors. The nested resilience of ‘me, you and us’.

Once we have explored these elements, we will examine how, as leaders, you can best support the individuals and teams in your organisation to navigate this ‘white water’ world. We will consider how your leadership behaviours; what you say and do, and the development of your leadership coaching skills, have the potential to positively impact on the resilience capacity of your organisation and to actively convert disturbance into a powerful catalyst for sustainable change.

Tue, 9 February 2021

10:00 – 11:30 GMT

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By Matthew Payne

Working to make the most of the resources available to others to enable them to be more successful. Using facilitative leadership and process management to get things done, and really make a difference! Engaging with individuals and teams in both the public and private sectors.

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